Copperweld® HIDE
Copperweld's flagship product designed to combat the rising theft of copper wire in industrial applications.
About HIDE
Copperweld® HIDE™ is a copper-clad steel wire jacketed in a steel-grey colored PVC coating. It performs the same function as pure copper wire in electrical grounding, railroad signaling and many other applications highly exposed to theft, but it is primarily made of steel, and as such, of minimal scrap value to plunderers. Furthermore, the grey PVC makes it look from a distance like plain galvanized steel wire.
Currently, 95% of electric utilities have copper theft, resulting in a loss of over 60 million dollars in a year. Utilities experience 450,000 minutes of outage time a year. These issues result in an estimated 52 injuries and 35 deaths a year. In addition, copper price increases are not predictable. HIDE™ attempts to solve these problems by introducing a copper-clad steel wire coated in polyethylene, which allows for excellent UV resistance and a longer life. The easy-strip coating makes installation fast and simple, and the clean copper surface requires no wire brushing. In addition, it installs as easy as copper - dead soft annealed.
Installation: Easy-strip coating makes installation fast and simple
Clean copper surface requires no wire brushing
Installs as easy as copper - dead soft annealed
Spools: 25 lbs.
Coils: 50 lb. and 100 lb.
Custom lengths and packaging required.
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Gus Morley
Product Specialist for Ground Solutions
Copperweld's Advantage
Copperweld holds a unique place in history as the inventor of Copper-Clad Steel. The legacy and responsibility that comes with developing and maintaining such a globally renown brand is an honor we cherish and respect. Stronger, lasts longer, reliable; not just a reflection of the product we make but the embodiment of the people and company that is Copperweld.
Conductivity of Copper
For High Frequency Applications
Fatigue Resistance
Won't Break, Crack, Flake, or Peel
Ample Fusing Current
Exceeds Most Design Requirements
Strength of Steel
Far Superior to Copper
Corrosion Resistance
Long Life Under Adverse Conditions
Low Scrap Value
Excellent Theft Resistance