Copperweld® CAMO
Copperweld's flagship product designed to combat the rising theft of copper wire in industrial applications.
About CAMO
Copperweld® CAMO™ represents a tremendous leap forward in the fight against copper theft. DSA Copperweld® copper-clad steel conductors have been an excellent alternative to copper for grounding applications for almost a century. Providing a low-impedance path to ground, ample fault current capacity and high tensile strength, they're a natural for grounding poles and substations.

CAMO™ looks like steel and utilizes the same connectors as copper, so no stripping is required. In addition, it is the lowest cost grounding conductor, experiences no galvanic corrosion, has ample fault current capacity, and is magnetic, deterring scrap dealers.
Looks like steel
Utilizes the same connectors as copper, no stripping required
Lowest cost grounding conductor (copper)
No galvanic corrosion
Ample fault current capacity
Magnetic, deterring scrap dealers
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Gus Morley
Product Specialist for Ground Solutions
Copperweld's Advantage
Copperweld holds a unique place in history as the inventor of Copper-Clad Steel. The legacy and responsibility that comes with developing and maintaining such a globally renown brand is an honor we cherish and respect. Stronger, lasts longer, reliable; not just a reflection of the product we make but the embodiment of the people and company that is Copperweld.
Conductivity of Copper
For High Frequency Applications
Fatigue Resistance
Won't Break, Crack, Flake, or Peel
Ample Fusing Current
Exceeds Most Design Requirements
Strength of Steel
Far Superior to Copper
Corrosion Resistance
Long Life Under Adverse Conditions
Low Scrap Value
Excellent Theft Resistance