Copperweld® 4THOUGHT™
Copperweld's flagship product designed to combat the rising theft of copper wire in industrial applications.
Copperweld® 4THOUGHT™ is the new 4/0 equivalent 19-wire dead soft annealed (DSA) copper-clad steel strand that brings numerous advantages to the power utility industry for electrical grounding. Both mechanically rugged and flexible, Copperweld® 4THOUGHT™ is the smarter alternative to solid copper conductors for grounding applications in generation plants, substations, switchyards and industrial installations. As a grounding conductor, DSA Copperweld® 4THOUGHT™ strand is specifically designed to replace 4/0 copper cable at an initial cost savings, while continuing to provide long-term value thanks to its excellent resistance to fatigue and breakage.

4THOUGHT™ consists of several smaller CCS wires stranded together, which renders it very easy to bend and shape, and allows for simple installation. It has the same corrosion resistance to solid CU, has suitable ampacity/fusing current, utilizes the same size connectors and has simular flexibility to CU. In addition, 4THOUGHT™ has 2x fatigue capability and saves money over copper 4/0 cables.
Number of single wires in strand: 19
Diameter of single wire: .1055 inches (2.68 mm)
Overall diameter: .5275 inch (13.40 mm)
Area: 211.47 kcmil (107.16 squared mm)
Weight: 601.25 lbs/1000ft (894.78 kg/km)
Wire resistance: 0.1268 Q/1000 ft (0.4161 ohms/km)
Minimum break loads: 5979 lbf (2712 kgf)
Minimum elongation: 15%
Fusing current at 30 cycles (.5 sec): 28.60 kA
Fusing current at 3 cycles (.05 sec): 90.47 kA
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Gus Morley
Product Specialist for Ground Solutions
Copperweld's Advantage
Copperweld holds a unique place in history as the inventor of Copper-Clad Steel. The legacy and responsibility that comes with developing and maintaining such a globally renown brand is an honor we cherish and respect. Stronger, lasts longer, reliable; not just a reflection of the product we make but the embodiment of the people and company that is Copperweld.
Conductivity of Copper
For High Frequency Applications
Fatigue Resistance
Won't Break, Crack, Flake, or Peel
Ample Fusing Current
Exceeds Most Design Requirements
Strength of Steel
Far Superior to Copper
Corrosion Resistance
Long Life Under Adverse Conditions
Low Scrap Value
Excellent Theft Resistance